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The Restoration Place NWA exists so that people can belong, believe and become who they were meant to be in Christ.

People need to belong. Everyone is genetically predisposed with a need to belong. Research shows that this need is hardwired into our brain. It is a part of the same neural network as primary survival needs like food and water. A sense of belonging, connection, and love are essential to human development and well-being.


People need to believe. Faith is essential to life. Believing in things we cannot see gives us the hope we need to keep moving forward, no matter the difficulties life throws at us. Faith not only helps us overcome our trials, but it also gives us access to God's presence, power, and promises.


People need to become. Becoming has to do with our God-given purpose and potential. We were created with a specific plan in mind. Fulfillment in life happens when we are living in alignment with God's original intent. This is the ultimate restoration we all seek for: becoming who we were meant to be in Christ.



Our culture is shaped by 8 Guiding Values:

1. Honor: We approach God with awe and reverence. We show respect to our leaders and elders. We value all people as God's highest creation.


2. Excellence:  We consistently go above and beyond to achieve the "Wow Factor."  Our personal best honors God and draws others.


3. Compassion:  We are love-driven.  We go as far as we can and stay as long as we can to help hurting people.


4. Relevance:  We deliver God's Word in big, bold, innovative ways to reach people with a message that matters to them now.


5. Relationships:  We do life together - up close and personal, by providing meaningful, creative ways to connect people to God and to each other.  To us, it's all about family.


6. Generosity:  We give like there are no limits.


7. Power We're impact players who expect God-sized results that radically change lives.  We play to win.


8. Service:  We are here to meet the needs of people. Period.

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