Our vision is to start a restoration movement in the lives of people by helping them take the journey to belong, believe and become all they were meant to be in Christ.

Know God. Everyone was created for an intimate relationship with God as our Father.   In fact, there's a space inside of us that only He can fill.  If there's any hope for us to be fulfilled in life and become who we were meant to be, it begins with knowing God, personally and deeply.  


Find Freedom.  Everyone was created for freedom.  But often the pain of life weighs us down and holds us captive to sin, shame and fear.  Christ came that we might be set free and enjoy our life to the fullest.


Discover Purpose.  Everyone was created with a purpose in mind.  God designed each of us with a unique history, personality, talents, strengths and weaknesses so that we can make a special contribution to the world.   He wants us to know our purpose and live our purpose.


Make a Difference.   Everyone was created to make a difference in the world.  No amount of money, fame or comfort can replace the fulfillment of making an eternal difference in someone's life.  You will experience the highest level of joy when you live to give.


We believe that no matter where a person may be in life they can begin this journey to restoration any moment. 


"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved."   Romans 10:13



These values shape the “spirit” of The Restoration Place and make our church a special place to worship, grow, and reach your potential. You should see these qualities reflected in all we do.

1. Honor: We approach God with awe and reverence. We show respect to our leaders and elders. We value all people as God's highest creation.


2. Excellence:  We consistently go above and beyond to achieve the "Wow Factor."  Our personal best honors God and draws others.


3. Compassion:  We are love-driven.  We go as far as we can and stay as long as we can to help hurting people.


4. Relevance:  We deliver God's Word in big, bold, innovative ways to reach people with a message that matters to them now.


5. Relationships:  We do life together - up close and personal, by providing meaningful, creative ways to connect people to God and to each other.  To us, it's all about family.


6. Generosity:  We give like there are no limits.


7. Power We're impact players who expect God-sized results that radically change lives.  We play to win.


8. Service:  We are here to meet the needs of people. Period.


Sundays | 10:30am

Corporate Prayer on Sundays | 10amSun


682 S. Government Ave.

Fayetteville, AR 72701




Mondays | 6:30pm CST | Facebook Live

Mon / Tues: 10am - Noon

Wed: 10am - 3pm

Thurs: Noon - 3pm

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